Best Kitsilano Independent Coffee Shops

Best Kitsilano Independent Coffee Shops


49th parallel not only has three locations in Vancouver but they also export beans all over North America. You could find yourself having a 49th Parallel coffee in Boston, Portland, or even Los Angeles. You can even order their coffee online.

The best thing about 49th parallel is their huge enclosed patio. In the winter they turn on their heat lamps and you can pretend that it's not raining. In the summer they open up the patio doors to let in the fresh air.

They also have an amazing selection of donuts with seasonal specials and innovative creations. My favorite is the peanut butter jelly doughnut.

This is a great place to meet for a date, but get there early to reserve a seat. There's often a line-up out the door.


Almond Croissant: Pallet Coffee Roasters


Pallet, has two locations in Vancouver, and the Kitsilano location is by far the easiest coffee shop in Kits to get to by transit. They roast their own beans and make a fantastic coffee cappuccino. 

With both indoor and outdoor seating, they have focused on creating a social space. They restrict laptop and tablet use to a small area of the shop so that the space always has a low buzz from people interacting.

Yes, they have avocado toast but my favorite is their twice baked almond croissant. This shop is great for a light snack with your coffee and is prefect for meeting friends from outside the neighborhood. There's ample parking nearby and three different buses stop within a block of the shop.


Quiet Hideout: Arbutus Coffee

A few years ago Arbutus coffee upped their game under new ownership and improved the espresso drinks and pastries dramatically. The Arbutus Grocery has been at the corner of 6th and Arbutus Street, in one form or another since 1907. The building feels feel like a neighbourhood fixture. They host a Book Exchange box outside their door and let locals hang posters of upcoming events inside.

When you visit Arbutus Coffee, you feel like you're supporting a neighborhood institution. I like to imagine there's an older Italian man behind the counter named “Sal” who's been working there for the last 50 years and remembers everybody's drink. Don’t forget, they have great coffee and a delicious selection of pastries.


Innovative Decor: Platform 7 Coffee


Platform 7 has a pretty solid coffee. What I like most about this shop is the quaint heritage building and the interior design. If you pay attention you’ll see that the interior is designed to look like a train station. There are cozy booths and they have a good music playlist.

This shop has a very laid-back culture. I wouldn't recommend it if you're in a hurry, but if this is a lazy Sunday afternoon and you want a little adventure they're great shop to visit.


Home Decor Inspiration: Kahve Coffee


Near the Molson Brewery, Kahve stands out for having a very different store format. Not only do they serve great coffee and snacks, but they also carry an assortment of coffee & kitchen accessories. These are no Dollar Store knick-knacks, they put a lot of thought into their selection of accessories with timeless modern European designs. Their coffee is top-notch, single sourced from Calgary based Phil & Sebastian.


Ice Cream: Tangram Creamery

Tangram is a hidden gem. Better known for their craft ice cream made in-house, they also have a small coffee roaster in the store. Sometimes when you drop in for a coffee or ice cream you'll see the owner working the small coffee roaster monitoring it on his laptop.


This is the perfect spot to get an espresso affogato (That's two scoops of ice cream drowned in espresso). It's also a great spot for a weekend adventure with the kids. Take them for a bike ride along the Arbutus Greenway then stop at Tangram where you can have coffee and they can have ice cream before you continue on your way to Kits Beach, Granville Island, or the Kerrisdale farmers’ market.


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