Privacy Policy

Mortgage Sandbox Advisor Inc. (“Mortgage Sandbox”/“we”/ “us”/ “our”) is dedicated to protecting your privacy. It's an essential part of our commitment to integrity, dedication, accountability and caring whenever we deal with our customers.

The B.C. Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (FIPPA) sets out rules around Mortgage Sandbox’s ability to collect, use and disclose personal information. It also requires us to protect your personal information by keeping it secure.

“Personal information” includes any recorded information about you as an identifiable individual such as your name, address, driving record, or claims information. It would not include things that cannot be linked back to you, such as crash statistics for an intersection with names and identifying features of individuals removed.

The purpose of our Privacy Policy is to:

  • help you understand Mortgage Sandbox’s privacy commitments, and

  • give you information about where you can go with questions or concerns about privacy.

How we protect your privacy

The following principles reflect our commitment to safeguarding your personal information.

1.     Collection of personal information

We will only collect as much personal information from you as we need to provide you with the product or service you are requesting. We will not collect more information than we need.

2.     Purpose and manner of collection

When we collect personal information we will explain why we need it and, whenever possible, we will collect it directly from you. There are situations when Mortgage Sandbox does collect information about you indirectly (from others). One example of this is if you stop working with a Professional User on our platform, that information would be entered by the Professional User into our systems.

3.     Access or use of personal information

We will not access or use personal information for any purposes other than those for which the information was collected, or a use consistent with that purpose. We will only collect personal information for legitimate business purposes and will only use it for business purposes. Some reasons we may collect personal information about you are:

  • To verify your identity.

  • To respond to your enquiries.

  • To provide you with products and services.

  • To confirm your information and understand and assess your needs.

  • To establish and maintain a business relationship with you and provide ongoing service.

  • To process and investigate issues or complaints.

4.     Disclosure of personal information

We will not disclose personal information to anyone without your consent or specific legal authority. Our employees may access personal information only when needed to perform their job.

There are some circumstances where we may disclose or share some personal information about you. These circumstances are mainly for purposes consistent with the reasons we collected the information in the first place, such as the use of your personal information in renewing your insurance policy. Other examples are:

  • To comply with requests from law enforcement agencies.

  • To meet legal requirements during a court proceeding or regulatory requirements.

  • To assist in collecting a debt owed to Mortgage Sandbox as permitted by FIPPA.

5.     Retention of personal information

We will keep your personal information as long as we need it to fulfill the purpose for which we collected it. If we use it to make a decision that affects you, we will keep it for at least one year. After that, it will be securely destroyed according to Mortgage Sandbox’s retention and destruction schedule.

6.     Accountability

Every employee and business partner of Mortgage Sandbox is responsible for the protection of personal information in their custody or control. We have designated an officer to be accountable for ongoing compliance with our Privacy Policy and procedures.

7.     Accuracy of personal information

We strive to keep your personal information accurate, complete and up-to-date. To ensure that Mortgage Sandbox has accurate information, please notify us when there are changes to your personal information. You can do this by logging into the platform and updating your digital profile.

8.     Security of personal information

Mortgage Sandbox is committed to keeping your personal information secure through the following measures:

  • physical security in your building such as locked doors, locked cabinets, and building alarm systems;

  • policies, procedures and access level controls; and

  • technological barriers such as passwords, encryption, firewalls, and anti-virus software, where appropriate.

Learn more about how we protect your information online by reviewing our Website privacy statement which describes the information we collect and how we protect your privacy when visiting or using our website.

We are responsible for all personal information in our possession, including information transferred to other organizations performing services on our behalf. Where personal information is provided to other user or third parties, we require them to protect the information in a manner that is consistent with our privacy policy and principles.

9.     Individual access to personal information

You may write to us and ask to see what personal information we have about you, and how it has been used and disclosed. If your personal information is inaccurate or incomplete, you may ask us to amend it.

There is no charge for verifying or correcting personal information. There may be a small fee if you want a copy of your records.

10.  Inquiries, complaints and suggestions

You can address any complaint regarding compliance with this Privacy Policy, or make any enquiry concerning our privacy policies and practices, by contacting us at:

You may also contact the Office of the Information and Privacy Commissioner (OIPC) for further information. The OIPC is independent from government and monitors and enforces FIPPA.