One of the many advantages of settling down in the east side of Vancouver is without a doubt the plentiful selection of amazing craft breweries. With so many noteworthy establishments, compiling this short list of favourites was no easy task. What is important to consider is not only the quality of beer but the tasting room experience as well. Let’s face it, a negative atmosphere doesn’t exactly have a positive impact on your tasting experience, regardless of how extraordinary the beer might be.

The great thing about craft breweries is their typically social and easy-going nature. They’re versatile venues that make for the perfect place to catch up with friends, meet new people, have a date night, grab a bite, and even get some work done on your laptop during slower hours (which I may or may not be doing currently). Craft breweries are places that welcome anyone and everyone, with frequent sightings of young families spending quality time together to retired couples having a relaxing afternoon.

Here are just a few of East Vancouver’s finest craft breweries and some reasons why you’re lucky to have them in your neighbourhood:


Strange Fellows Brewing Company, located just before Clark Drive and Venables Street, is a unique brewery inspired by all things strange and out of the ordinary. It’s a great place to bring a group of friends with its abundant social seating, rustic atmosphere, and tasty beers of course.

Strange Fellows has a wide selection of exceptional beers that tend to gravitate towards sours and pale ale varieties. The excellent quality of these beers is achieved through an inspired combination of old-world traditions, west coast styles and seasonal ingredients.


Brassneck Brewery is conveniently located on trendy Main Street, easily accessible by transit and surrounded by quirky boutiques, record stores and restaurants that can easily captivate you for an entire day. It doesn’t get much better than ending an afternoon of wandering Main Street with a tasty cold beer and good company.

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Brassneck has a smaller 50-person capacity tasting room and its cosy size and mix of social and intimate seating make it an ideal hangout for smaller groups of friends. This tasting room is placed right in the centre of the brewery, surrounded by unfinished wood and concrete interior decor, designed to make visitors feel like they are truly apart of the brewing experience.

Brassneck brews a great selection of beers that will accommodate any beer enthusiast's palette, and push the boundaries with creative flavours and names. Growler fills of most beers on tap are also available in the tasting room. Check out their website to stay updated on what’s available.

In addition to tasty beers, Brassneck typically hosts a food truck outside from Monday-Sunday 5:30 - 8:30 pm if you’re craving a savoury bite. If you’re just in the mood for something casual to munch on, they also offer tasting room classics such as local pepperoni sticks and twisty bread.


Strathcona Beer Company is located in the heart of Strathcona, which is a serious point of community pride for the company. They have established firm ties within the neighbourhood and are all about celebrating its diversity and history. Strathcona Beer Company was built on friendship and encourages every customer that walks in the door to continue to embrace the value of human connection and camaraderie.

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Strathcona Beer Company has created a beautiful tasting room that fuses urban materials with bohemian accents such as wooden table tops, wildflowers, and string lights. It’s unique design, ample social seating, and incredibly friendly staff make for a brewery with an irresistible atmosphere.

Strathcona has a vast selection of beers of all styles, from lighter Lagers to more challenging double IPAs and Stouts, perfect for any beer drinker that is wanting to experiment. Beers are sold on tap in the tasting room and are also sold in cans on location or in liquor stores. They also offer a little more sustenance than the average brewery, with hand-made pizzas that are constantly praised in reviews amongst many other enticing goodies.

East Vancouver is filled with culture, art and to the point of this article, lots and lots of exceptional craft beer. Craft Breweries are assets of any neighbourhood that create opportunities for social connection, spirited conversation, and trying new things. To me, they are as much about the experience and being surrounded by like-minded people as they are about drinking great beer.

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