How Match Finder can help you in your home buying quest!

How Match Finder can help you in your home buying quest!

Finding the right Real Estate professionals to guide you through your home buying journey is arguably the most crucial element of the process and can be one of the most difficult decisions to make. At Mortgage Sandbox, we believe that the best relationships form when you are aligned in your values, have mutual interests, and finally have a working style that complements one and other. We’ve designed a tool that matches you with pre-screened Brokers and Realtors, that we believe you’ll form a fantastic relationship with.

What is Match Finder?

Mortgage Sandbox Match Finder is an easy to use matching tool to connect you with trusted real estate professionals and advice to empower you to reach your housing dreams.

Mortgage Sandbox, starts with a values-based survey to understand your values, interests and work-style to match you with the right professionals – locally.


How does Match Finder work?

Firstly, you input answers to 10 basic questions that determine:

  • Where you’re looking buy.

  • What values are most important to you.

  • What your interests are.

  • What your working style is.

With this information we make you a profile that is processed by our matching algorithm to produce the top three professionals that you’ll have the best chance of having a fantastic working relationship with. At this stage you are able to read a little more about your matches and select the one you think is best.

From there, all you have to do is fill out some basic contact information and create password so that you can access your profile, and we will take care of the rest. Within 24 hours your selected match will contact you via email and begin what we hope will be start of something special!

I’m just buying a house… Why does a values-based relationship matter?

Buying a home is the single largest purchase most people make in their lives and therefore it is upmost importance that you’re doing so with professionals that:

  • First and foremost, you can trust.

  • Have the technical knowledge to enable you to make a good financial decision.

  • Can relate to you in way that ensures the home you buy is the best available for your situation and home buying goals.

A values-based relationship with professionals that we’ve pre-screened (to ensure they know their stuff) removes the stress and uncertainty of trying to find real estate professionals on your own. We believe this makes the home buying experience a more positive one, in which you will find the home you’re dreaming of and learn about the process along the way.


Click on the button below to begin your Match Finder experience and find your perfect Real Estate Professional!

If you have further questions or would like more information about MatchFinder or Mortgage Sandbox drop an email to

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