Planning an epic Mt. Pleasant brewery tour

Planning an epic Mt. Pleasant brewery tour

Metro Vancouver is home to 50+ breweries and counting! That’s enough choice to make trying them all your full-time job!. With all these brews spread far and wide across all of our beautiful, distinct neighborhoods, it’s easy to get overwhelmed. This DIY Mt. Pleasant walking brew tour is perfect for a day of weekend fun with your friends.

Leave time to bus to Broadway and Main Street to start your tour. It’s easily reachable and, since you’re taking this tour seriously, we don’t want you to drive.

10am – 11:30am: 33 Acres Brewing Company

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It’s early right? Well that’s because Vancouver breweries get packed on the weekends and you want to arrive before the rush.  We’d usually recommend a big breakfast before this kind of endeavour, but 33 Acres has superb coffee and serve up a delightful brunch.
33 Acres Brewing Company has a small space with a bright décor reminiscent of a beach house. This trendy brewery in the heart of Mount Pleasant typically offers between 5 and 8 beers. On sunny days the space is bright with the south facing windows letting in plenty of light to shine on the minimalist white walls.
Have a cappuccino and a “muy caliente” (avocado, chili oil, honey, organic free run poached egg, on house biscuit or toast with jelly plus a side of greens) before trying a cold beer.

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If you’re choosing to arrive later in the day, there may be a “guest” food truck parked out front and you’re welcome to bring whatever you buy from the truck into the brewery. Check their website for the food truck schedule.

11:45am – 12:30pm: R&B Brewing

R&B Brewing was founded during the first wave of small batch breweries, back in 1997 when they were called microbreweries. Nowadays we call them craft breweries denoting the skill and personal attention the owners put into each new creation and batch of beer. For years, the brewery was mainly focused on wholesale but in 2016 they opened their Pizza and Ale house. It’s a fantastic space with an old school north facing patio that’s great for taking in the mid-day sun.

The ale house has a casual feel to it. Complete with a fireplace, and bookshelves full of well worn novels and vintage national geographic magazines, it has a family room vibe to it.  The eclectic decor sets the tone for the crowd. R&B Brewing is a great place to sit back, relax, and reminisce with friends.

12:45PM – 3:00PM: BREWHALL

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BREWHALL is a concept brought to you by Tap & Barrel Restaurants. It’s a new concept, the first and only place of its kind in Vancouver, incorporating a brewery and a large-scale beer hall.

BREWHALL is “a collaborative craft brewery” where Head Brewer, Kerry Dyson, will focus on collaboration beers that push the boundaries of small-batch production. Their first creation is a rye lager jointly crafted by BREWHALL and Doan’s Craft Brewing company.

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Though, from a purist standpoint, we’re a little uncomfortable with the big corporate restaurant affiliation, this is a truly unique craft brewery experience and we know the food will be amazing! The space is large enough that you and your friends shouldn’t have to wait, something that can’t be said for the smaller breweries in the area. We’re also fans of the high ceilings and spacious drinking area.

With its German roots, we are very excited to see what BREWHALL has in mind for Oktoberfest!!! Keep you eyes peeled!

3:15PM – late… Red Truck! 

Beer and live music?! Yes, you heard right. Red Truck has a concert series every summer, check the schedule to see the weekends with live acts. The next big day is August 11th, so why not try out our tour that weekend?

Red Truck offers local craft easy-drinking beers accompanied by delicious diner classics like their double decker grilled cheese sandwich. If you’re feeling really adventurous you can try their Red Truck IPA Float…a big scoop of vanilla ice cream in a refreshing IPA beer.

Red Truck opened in 2015, and offers a large menu of homely comfort food, from stacked sandwiches and burgers to deluxe hot dogs and tacos. After focusing on a lager and an amber ale, Red Truck has steadily grown its portfolio of beers and in 2017 expanded into the U.S. by taking over Colorado’s Fort Collins Brewery.

The massive beer garden is the perfect place to settle down for the end of the tour, who knows you might not make it out…

Our brew tour makes for a long day. Be sure to hydrate throughout the day and pace yourself. We’d love to hear from anyone who completes out tour. If you do complete the tour and have pics or video, be sure to tag us. There will be a special prize for anyone that does! As well, let us know of any recommended improvements you’d like us to make to this tour…our work is never done.

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