Things You Might Not Know About These Metro Vancouver Neighbourhoods

Things You Might Not Know About These Metro Vancouver Neighbourhoods


Author: Morgan Hueston

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Vancouver is an extraordinary city brimming with diversity, opportunity, adventure, and breathtaking views of nature within an urban metropolis. There is no denying that Vancouver is a one-of-a-kind city that it is truly deserving of the reputation it receives as being one of the world’s most liveable cities. However, with a consistent focal point being on the downtown core, the assets of surrounding Metro Vancouver cities and areas are still waiting for their time in the spotlight. Here are some facts about what makes these developing neighbourhoods so awesome.



Burnaby has always been thought of as Vancouver’s overshadowed suburban sibling however, it is little known that it’s actually British Columbia’s third largest city! Burnaby, specifically the Brentwood area, is currently undergoing a massive shift into its very own metropolis that will soon rival Vancouver in affordability and livability.



The development of The Amazing Brentwood, an urban town centre community that is set to be finished come Spring of 2019, will bring various new opportunities to the area such as ample housing, entertainment, shopping and dining that will eliminate the need for you to seek elsewhere for day-to-day necessities. For those craving some more Vancouver-exclusive experiences, rapid transit lines, and Burnaby bus routes run through Brentwood making most major neighbouring cities easily accessible, with the Vancouver downtown core only a 30-minute Skytrain ride away.


With multiple new home developments on the rise and a seriously upgraded urban centre, Brentwood is attracting a considerable amount of attention from home buyers in surrounding cities including young families and first-time home buyers.

The Amazing Brentwood is the new master plan community coming to the area. With 11 new residential buildings, offering a grand total of 6,000 homes, over 250 ground level vendors, and convenient transit accessibility, it’s no wonder how there’s so much buzz about this up-and-coming area.



Did you know that Lower Lonsdale is actually Vancouver’s oldest neighbourhood? With the introduction of the cross-inlet ferry and shipyard industry in the early 1900’s, Lower Lonsdale quickly became a lively cultural hub that embodies the spirit of the North Shore.



Although not a notably large area, you can easily spend hours exploring Lonsdale’s many corners. Bringing your running shoes when visiting the Lonsdale area is highly recommended due to its great walkability, filled with specialty boutiques and restaurants. If you’re not in a walking mood then you can spend the afternoon admiring the spectacular Burrard Inlet, some of the most beautiful views in Vancouver, or visit the recently opened Polygon Gallery in the Quay.


A common misconception associated with the North Shore is the inconvenience of getting to and from the area. Contrary to those beliefs, another asset of Lonsdale is, in fact, its accessibility to both the Vancouver downtown core and North Shore mountain activities. Take a 15-minute Seabus ride to Vancouver Waterfront or spend the day in Deep Cove, which boasts stunning views of Indian Arm at the peak of Quarry Rock, and charming boutiques and bistros. An alternative North Vancouver adventure is a visit to the Lynn Canyon suspension bridge for a refreshing stroll through the forest. Both locations are a short 15-minute drive from the Lonsdale area.


Lonsdale is exploding with new home developments as the area becomes more sought after, creating more opportunity for growth and livability. Here are a few upcoming developments:



Surrey is undergoing major transformations with a rapidly growing population, urban developments and new transit lines to boost accessibility. The potential for growth in Surrey is debatably larger than that of Vancouver, with its considerably larger size and increasing demand.



The exciting King George Hub at the Stations is currently in development, which will be considered King George’s very own city centre comprised of two condominium high rises in addition to office and retail space. This new development will bring an entirely new level of liveability to the area, with the introduction of urban homes mingled with access to everyday needs such as shopping, dining and entertainment. And it’s all right next to the Expo Line King George Skytrain Station, making commutes and personal travel much more practical.


With Surrey’s growing population and the addition of the King George Hub, future transit lines have been proposed to improve accessibility and accommodate the thriving community. This transit plan includes two different lines, the first of which is a 27-kilometre, 2-line light rail project that will connect Surrey City Centre, Guildford and Newton. The second line will run through Fraser Highway all the way to the City of Langley.


City living aside, Surrey offers various outdoor experiences that cater to your inner nature enthusiast. Green Timber’s Urban Forest is one of Surrey’s largest parks and was voted as a popular haven in Tripadvisor's 25 Best Things to Do in Surrey. Frequented by families and nature lovers, this park has over 10 kilometres of walking trails and is home to many animals including Bald Eagles, small aquatic animals and Barred Owls. Holland Park is another popular outdoor destination near King George, an urban park with several enticing amenities including sports fields, playgrounds, and picnic spots, with plans to expand with several additions. Holland Park is also a frequent host of concerts and music festivals, making it an ideal spot for music lovers as well.



So although central Vancouver has a wonderful reputation, that doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s the best fit for your needs and lifestyle. There are many factors involved in choosing where to live and it’s worth the time and effort to explore your options. You might find the perfect fit that you didn’t know was there!

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