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Pro tips for choosing artwork for your home

When you move into a new place you want to make it feel like home. Usually that involves finding artwork for the walls that reflect who you are, create a welcoming space, and set the mood for each room in your home.

Here are a few guidelines to make sure you get the right piece for each space.

The benefit of trust in a business relationship

Studies have shown that above all, consumers want a mortgage broker and real estate agent they can trust.

People want transparency and for their professional advisors to help them make decisions about financing, choosing a home, and any document they sign. They also want their professionals to get them the best value for their money.

Buyers also want an honest assessment of market conditions, so they can set realistic home price expectations.

The last thing people want to hear is “buyer beware”. Professionals these days are held to a higher industry standard and people expect more of their advisors in the 21st century.

Which candidates for Vancouver Mayor are most likely to solve housing

Vancouver is in a terrible housing crisis and it’s tearing the city apart pitting neighbour against neighbour, and parents against their kids.

Most candidates for mayor promise bold new measures to build more of the “right kind of housing” but each of them has different ideas about the definition of “right kind of housing”. In this article we dig into their proposals and promises and help you compare them objectively.

Ask for Urban Family Districts

The City of Vancouver recently announced the beginning of 18 months of consultation that will result in a “Making Room” rezoning which is intended to find neighbourhoods to add more duplexes and laneway homes. Making room implies, there isn’t room already and this is far from the truth. Vancouver has loads of space, but it is poorly used. Vancouver’s land use has barely changed since we paved over the orchards and farms to build suburbs south of the downtown core after WWI. Rather than just “Making Room”, it’s time for Vancouver to evolve from Citified Suburbia with families stuffed in laneway houses and basement suites to a network of purposefully designed “Urban Family Districts”.

Surrey Real Estate Update

This real estate update is focused on the City of Surrey. Real estate is local and even though Vancouver and Toronto are in the news that doesn’t help people living in sub-markets like Surrey. The fact that luxury downtown condos aren’t selling as quickly doesn’t have much bearing on Surrey.